Ben 10: Shooting

While pursuing an alien villain, he got transported back in time. A time where everything is settled in gun fights. It is the wild west, but it is not the old wild west as we knew it since it was ruled by aliens acting as gun men. Ben knew that he needed t fight these aliens in order to correct what the aliens did to it. Besides, this might be his ticket to get back at his rightful time. One of those alien might posses the answer to the whereabouts of the portal that will take him back in his time.

This game is a gun-sling fight. You need to take cover or you will be shot. You got two guns here that use the same ammunition. You can inter-switch between the two guns. Sometimes, you can pick some ammo from your enemies. Oftentimes, they can be find in the grounds. There are also health items that you can find. This game has no time restriction, so you won't need to hurry up. Take your time in hiding as you might get shot at. The game is like a maze game since you will need to go through doors to get to the next level.

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