Ben 10: Teeth Problem

Ben is tough as he is constantly fighting aliens to make world safe from bad aliens. Aliens never learn and they keep on coming back despite the fact that Ben always gives them a beating. Because of this, some people thinks that there is nothing that Ben can't handle despite his young age. However, Ben is still a kid that need some guidance. Ben likes to eat candies and anything sweet and his grandpa isn't always there to stop him from eating sweets. Besides, who can tell Ben what to do since he is very powerful. Most of the people would be scare of his powers to say anything bad against him. Because of this, Ben's teeth now needs help. Ben turns to a dentist to care for his teeth. Upon looking at his teeth, the dentist knows that this would be a tough job even for him.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to clean the teeth of Ben. You would need to put some water in it and make him gargle it. Take out the cavities present in his teeth. Brush the teeth, so it would be clean. Take out those decaying tooth and replace it with false teeth.

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