Ben 10: Heatblast Attack

As usual, aliens are attacking and the last line of defense for our world is Ben and his cousin, Gwen. Aliens have defeated military forces of the world and now it is up to Ben and Gwen to save the world from distraction. The aliens are coming non-stop and things are really getting heat up, but Ben and Gwen needs to be tough to save the world. The aliens want the world for themselves and that is something that Ben can't permit. We need this world to live in and Ben is part of it. That is why; they will do everything to stop the alien invasion.

The idea here is to blast those aliens. Those aliens will keep on coming, but that is not an excuse to give up. Each time you hit an alien with a blaster, your power bar fills up. When power bar is completely filled, that is the time to use the special power of Heatblast. The game gets harder as you progress as the aliens get tougher. Every five levels, there will be a big boss that will give you a hard time.

Are you ready to defend planet Earth from those aliens?