Ben 10 Omniverse: Master Chef

We all know that as we grow up, we need to earn some money to buy some food and pay for some bills. The same thing applies to heroes as being a hero is not a paid thing. That is why; most people don't like to be a hero since they don't get nothing from it. Ben knows this, but he still like the feel of doing good even though no one appreciates it. However, Ben knows the fact, that he need a job just like everybody else. Luckily, he found a job as a master chef. His job includes cutting a lot of ingredients. He needs to be fast since there are lots of ingredients that are needed to be cut.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to cut the ingredients thrown at the screen. The more cut you do to an ingredient, the better it is for you since you will get bigger points. However, you need to stay away from cutting rotten foods as you will lose a life. Don't let a hat passed you by as that is equivalent to a life added to you. You can level -up in the game, but that is just for a few seconds and you will need to cut those ingredients again.

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