Ben 10: Wild Run

There is no doubt that XLR8 is the fastest among Ben's alien heroes, but Wild Mutt is also fast. Aside from that, he is much powerful than XLR8 and can easily climb trees.

When Ben was investigating something, he uses Wild Mutt, so he can use its powerful nose to smell the crime. However, he smell something more as he found out that there are more aliens that are out to get him. He doesn't have time to change to XLR8, so he run for his life. He knows that it would be his end if they are to catch him.

In this game, you need to make sure that Wild Mutt won't fell off the cliff. The alien would just keep on running and it is up to you to make sure that he would stay safe. The idea here is to see how far would you go. This game is non-stop as you will need to jump after one platform to another. There is no finish line in this game as you need to keep your hands on the keyboard all the time. Your character will surely die if you got distracted. There are no timer in the game.

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