Ben 10: Dead Cave

Ben 10 was on a mission to stop a group of evil aliens that want to rule to galaxy. In his quest, he was trapped in a dead cave and now, he needs to get out of there to be able to call some back up from the Plumbers. He knows that this is bigger even for him. He would need some assistance from the Plumbers. Besides, why would need to do it all alone, when he got some friends that he can rely on. Together with the Plumbers, they could surely get the victory against these aliens.

The idea here is to look for the way out. You would need to jump from one platform to another, but things won't be easy as there will be some aliens waiting there to shoot you. You need to shoot them first before they can. You will lose one of your life once, your life bar drops down to zero. You only have three lives and you need to start from the start if you lose one of your lives. If you fell off and there is no platform to catch you then you lose a life. Luckily, there is no need to hurry since there are no timer in the game.

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