Ben 10 - Torpedo

Ben is strong because of his alien watch. He battled some of the toughest villain in the world. Because of what he had gone through to stop them, they are now pointing their anger towards him. Now, they have banded together and promised themselves that they will get some retribution for what Ben did to them. But, Ben is not going to back out as he is ready to go head to head with them. Ben bought a gun and promised himself that he won’t go easy this time with his enemies.

In this game, Ben would be depending on his guns. Though, he can use his alien powers, he would still use his gun. This game is an action filled since you need to take out the enemies before they can even get closer to you. Each kill will earn you money and you will need that money to buy better weapons. You can only transform into an alien if you are able to get an alien icon with a gun. Of course, you will still use a gun as an alien, but the guns that you are using are much powerful. Aside from the alien icon, there are other icons that can help you in this game.

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