Ben 10 Bomb Truck

As much as he likes fighting some aliens, there will be times that he would need to do something else to save the world. An evil scientist plans on ruling the world, but his dream was stop by Ben. However, before the scientist retreats, he activated the megaton bomb that could wipe out a whole city. Ben knew that he needs to get rid of the bomb far away from the city. No one knows how much damage could the bomb inflicts. The only place, where it could be diffuse is the Plumbers hideout as they got lots of alien tech there. Ben must hurry before the bomb explodes.

Drive you truck as fast as possible without dropping he bomb. That means that you need to drive with extra precautions as that won't only rash your truck, but will destroy the city as well. Grab some omnitrix symbols along the way for some added points. Try to balance your truck at all times. The truck could prove hard to control, but you need to do your bet to get to your destination. The game gets harder as you move from one level to another. The same scenario also applies to each level.

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