Ben 10: Highway Skateboarding

A person, who always work and doesn't play is a dull person. Everyone knows that they aren't cool and no one wants to hang with them since they are so boring. You might think that all Ben does is fight some alien, but that is where you are wrong as he also have some sports activities on the sides. Most of his sports pumps some adrenaline into him as he needs that to be able to live up to the kind of work he is doing as one of the Plumbers. One of his favorite sports is highway skateboarding and this game is no joke as you might get an accident if you are not careful enough.

Don't worry about moving forward as your character will move on its own. All you need to concentrate on is making sure that you won't hit anything on the road. Grab some omnitrix symbols. There are several types of omnitrix symbol that you can find on the road and all of them gives you points. However, avoid those cones and highway blocks that you will see as that damages your life. The game is continuous as you won' be stopping anytime you finish a level.

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