Ben 10 Rebel Fighter

Of all the alien that Ben fought, none is more powerful than the frog like creatures. They are ruthless and is always planning to conquer worlds or destroy it. Most alien will shiver upon hearing the this alien race. No one will want to be their target, but when we are threaten, there is nothing that Ben can't do. He acquired their DNA and piloted one of the ships, with the intention of placing a bomb on the mother ship. However, the frogs discover that one of their ships are being piloted by one of their enemies, so they sent in some ships to destroy it before it can come close their mother ship.

Pilot the ship and try to eliminate the alien ships that are coming at you. Basically, that will be your mission, but there are times that you need something else. Either way, you still need to destroy the other ships. Grab some omnitrix symbol for more points. Do try to save your missiles as you might need it to battle the boss of the game. There are no power-ups in the this game. Try to do your best and not get hit by the blaster from the alien ships.

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