Ben 10 Ultimate Cricket

Most people think that Ben is a dull boy because he is always fighting alien and they think that he does nothing but that. However, if you are one of them, then that is where you are wrong. Ben is as cool as he can be since he has both worlds. Actually, he travels the galaxy and there is nothing that can be cooler than that. In this travel, he had made several friends. In fact, some of his friends was his enemy one time. Aggregor was one of Ben's nemesis, but somehow, they find the time to play game of cricket in one occasion.

This game is all about Ben versus Aggregor, but in a fun way. No, they are not out there to knock one another. They are just going to play a friendly cricket game. The idea here is to hit the ball with the cricket bat and score a run. Aggregor will throw the ball and you need to hit the ball. Of course, Aggregor won't make things easy for you and your job is to hit the ball. There are several challenges in the game, which you can try your skills. You need to beat all the challenges in order to beat the game.

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