Ben 10: The way of Power

Julie is kidnapped by the Lord Highbreed. They want to create an army of highbreed with some of the abducted humans. Julie is one of several humans that got abducted. For now, Julie is safe as it takes time before a human can turn into one of the highbreeds. However, Ben needs to save them as there is no way to turn them back once they have turned. Fortunately, Ben was able to follow one of the highbreeds to their lair and it looks like that Julie will be there. With the information he gathered, Ben rushes to the scene, with the intention of saving Julie and the other humans that got abducted.

Ben moves on his own, you on the other hand will control his cousin, Gwen. You will need to use Gwen's power to help Ben save the day. You will need to create a platform for Ben that he can walk on or jump on. You will need to change the appearance of the platform from time to time in order to help Ben do what he needs to do. As you progress in the game, it will be harder. At one point, Ben will need to stay in one platform while you move the mouse around. Ben needs to get to his destination safely.

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