Ben 10: Alien Quest

Ben 10 is one of the most popular cartoons nowadays. Ask any kid and they should tell you who Ben 10 is. Ben Tennyson was a normal boy, until he found the powerful alien device known as the Omnitrix in one of his camping trip with his grandpa. Since that day, nothing is normal for him since aliens are always after him. They want the power of the Omnitrix for themselves. Of course, Ben can't allow that, so he fights for it almost every day. Anyway, that gives you a good idea of how is Ben 10.

This game will familiarize you with the different alien characters he can turn to. The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to find the card with the same alien character as the last one that you opened. You would need a good memory in this game, to remember where you found the alien character that you just opened. The game has time restrictions, so you would need to finish the level as fast as you can. The game will be harder as you make some progress in it. Expect that this game will not be easy.

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