Ben 10: Parashooter

While some people are having some fun, Ben is constantly fighting some aliens. The aliens keep coming, but they are stop by the Ben Tennyson. Soon, the fight was over, but at the cost of Ben's Omnitrix. It got broken and Asmutt needs to repair it. However, the Plumbers finally located the hideout of the evil aliens and it is located in the grand canyon. Ben was quickly dispatch to investigate and kill a few aliens. Ben was drop in the area with two guns. Ben will need to rely on his para-glider to stop gravity from letting him fall fast. However, the aliens detected him and soon the battle starts.

Ben will be paragliding for most of the time in this game. You need to shoot any enemy that you see before they can even shoot you down. This won't be an easy task, but you need to kill them all as you fall down. Paragliding would be a difficult experience, since there are giant fans that would change the direction of your flight. You need to destroy them all, once you located them. You need to switch form one weapon to another in order to quickly kill the aliens.

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