Ben 10: Magic Sword

Ben Tennyson is taken back in time to the dark ages. This is a time where no technology exist. And so, his Omnitrix don't work in this era. Fortunately, someone gave him a powerful sword to defend his life and the weak. This is a magic sword that posses limitless power. This would be a great weapon against any aliens, but there are no aliens in this era. There are only monsters that are so terrifying that the villager can't seem to talk about these monsters. When Ben found out about these monsters, he quickly set on a mission to destroy every last one of them. Aside from that, his true quest is to collect all the scrolls that would help him get back to the present.

The game is a hack and slash game. You would need to dispose of your enemies to be able to get to another area. There would be one enemy in each area. Look around for scrolls as they can be found in one of those area. If your character gets badly beaten, you would need to search some health potions to treat your wounds with. Take your time since this game doesn’t have time restriction.

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