Ben 10 Road Rage

At some point in our lives, we all get angry and that is a normal thin. We should let it go since it will consume us someday. Driving a car is not as easy as most of you think it is. In fact, some car owners can't control their anger because of the tension of the road. It seems that our hero, Ben Tennyson is just like that. Fortunately, he won't be suing the Omnitrix to fight some punks on the road. Anyway, one time, while he was driving, he got involve in a car fight. He almost killed the guy, but good thing that he manage to control himself before he can do anything that he would be sorry for the rest of his life.

This game will help you release the rage that is building in you. The idea here is to drive your car as fast as you can to get the momentum. You will be needing that momentum since there are lots of cliffs there and if you can't jump then that would be a problem. However, things won't be easy since there are many ramps there that are misplaced on purpose. It serves as an obstacle for you. That will stop your momentum and possible could be the reason for you falling in the cliff.

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