Ben 10: Blood Days

This seems like a bad timing for Ben Tennyson, since his omnitrix is not working. To make it worse, there is a zombie apocalypse. Ben got trap in a town, but he was able to find a hand gun. He knows that these undead will eat him alive if he can't find better guns and other survivors soon. He needs other people since it will be too hard for him to fight the zombies all by himself. He have created a barricade for now to hold off the zombies, but he knows that it won't last long.

The game is played via mouse and this is a shooting game. The idea here is to shoot the zombies before they can do some damage to your barricade. After you finished the zombies, you can repair the barricade, search for survivors or weapons with the remaining hours. Keep in mind that there is a progress meter for weapons and you are more likely to find one if the progress meter is full. Once, you found better guns, you need to swap to that weapon to better defend the barricade. Don't forget, that numbers here is might, so always look for survivors.

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