Ben 10: Sea Monster

Earth is comprised of 70 percent of water. Most of the mass of Earth is covered with water. With that information, it is easy to conclude that the ocean holds many secret that is far beyond our reach. No one know, what lies beneath, but one thing is sure, it is something massive.

Ben Tennyson and his grandpa was on a vacation when they came upon a giant sea monster. It is so massive, but it is gentle. When the Forever Knights found out about it, they immediately sent out some troops to catch it. They know how to control a monster that size because they have this device that will make the sea monster obedient to them. Ben knows that they will just use the monster to their evil plans. He just can't sit there and let them have their way with the sea monster. Even if, his omnitrix is busted right now, he can use the latest device that he got from the Plumbers.

The idea here is to defend the monster. Several kind of water creatures will go and try to defeat the monster. However, the sea monster can't fight them as he is so gentle and it is not his nature to fight. You need to blast your enemies before they can even get closer to the monster. You can use your blaster to defeat them. Charge the blaster and unleashed a powerful attack. Aside from that, there is also a special move that can be used once the power bar reaches its maximum. This is a powerful attack that will wipe out many enemies.

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