Ben 10: Baseball Challenge

The world is not black and white. We all know that and we need to enjoy ourselves sometimes because we might get stressed from too much work. Like anyone, Ben needs to play some time to get his mind off the evil aliens that will do some evil things not only to the world, but the entire galaxy. Too much stress will be his downfall and Ben didn't want that, so he is taking some sports. One of his favorite sports is baseball, but the problem is that, his friends don't have the time to play with him. Fortunately, the Plumbers created a simulated environment for him to play baseball. However, there won't be any other there to play with. The system goes like this, The ball will be supplied and he needs to hit that to go for the watch in the air.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to hit the watch with the ball. You will be using a bat to hit the ball with. The first few levels are a snap as you just need to hit the watch with the ball. However, the game gets harder as you make some progress. There will be different requirements in the game, but all of them will require you to hit the watch with the ball.

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