Gwen Dress up

Gwen is Ben Tennyson's cousin. She always hang around with Ben. If you thought that she is skinny and a push over then think again. She excels in karate and have knock out several large men and aliens already. As if, that does not make her a force to be reckoned, she also has powers. She first believes that her powers came from the spells that she learned from Charm Caster spell book, but the truth is that it comes from her alien heritage. She is the only one that inherited the power from their grandmother. The book just released her power. Charm Caster envied her ever since, she found out that Gwen was indeed a powerful alien being.

Like any other girls, she like to hang out with friends. She have other activity other than fighting aliens. She enjoys her life well.

In this game, you will help her to prepare for an event. You choose which event you want to go and from then on, you can dress her up. you can experiment on the dresses. Just remember that you need to dress her up like she is you. That way, your natural talent will come out and Gwen will have quite a party. You hold when to end the game. This game doesn't have any time limit.

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