Ben 10: Middle Ages

No one knows what happened, but Ben woke up and himself in the middle of a fight. It is not any fight like he has seen before since it was a fight between two knights. The battle goes on for just a few minutes. The winner finally claims his victory and saw Ben. He was not that scary, so Ben approaches him and asks him for help. He brought Ben to the castle, when he met the magician. The magician told him that he can only help him if he can search something for him. He would need to gather something, but it would be dangerous, these things are heavily guarded. Ben was happy to comply, but he found out that his Omnitrix isn't working in this era. They give him a bow and arrow since the sword and armor is too heavy for the little boy.

Kill all the enemies that you see. Try to conserve the arrow because it is not unlimited. Whenever, you run out of arrows, you can't shoot anything, so make sure that every arrow you use will hit your target. Whenever you are hit by the enemy, your life bar will go down and when that bar hits zero then the game is over. Oftentimes, you would see some arrows on the battle field; try to get it, so you can fight the enemy head on.

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