Ben 10: Upgrade vs Aliens

Upgrade is one of highly powered alien transformation of Ben Tennyson. He can possess any machines all over the galaxy. This makes him one of the most powerful aliens. Of course, tat makes him one of Ben's favorite alien transformation.

When the alien race frogs decided to conquer a planet, Ben knew that he can't talk talk and ask them to leave. He needs to stand out for the planet. Well, at least, give the allied force some time to organized a counterattack. That is the only way to stop an armada of highly powered alien race. Ben waste no time to transform into Upgrade as the latter is the only alien that can defeat an armada of aliens with the best technology in the galaxy. Using his ability, he can posses one ship after another. Enabling him to use the power of that ship to his advantage.

However, in this game, we won't see that alien power as there will be a space ship that you control. You need to defeat most of the enemies to proceed to the next level. Press on with what you are doing and in time, you will see the other spaceships that you can unlock as you make some progress in the game.

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