Ben 10: Seeking Power

Ben Tennyson is in training to become a better hero. He is not allow to use the Omnitrix this time since that will make it easy of him and he can't be better than he already is. However, it seems that whenever Ben goes, some aliens always follow. Unfortunately, some aliens are just bad that they would hurt you even if you are not doing anything on you. That is how things go and you can't stop that. In fact, these things also happen in the human world and it is called bullying.

For his training, Ben needs to jump from one pile of rocks and not to fell off the cliff. Now, you might say that it is easy, but one wrong calculation could mean your end. In other, worlds, you can't commit any mistake in this kind of training. Do everything to make sure that you land on the platform and not fall off the cliff.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to jump form one platform into another. Fortunately, there are no timers in the game, but you need to make some calculations to ensure our safety. You have three lives in this game and you need to avoid falling off the cliff to be able to finish the game with flying colors.

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