Ben 10: Revenge

We always see Ben fighting the aliens, but not all aliens are bad. Some people though are bad and these are the more ruthless ones compared to the aliens since they don't give mercy on their own kind.

When a group of terrorist attacks the town, Ben was there and put up a fight. Though, he don't like using the OMnitrix to give them a fair fight. He still manage to get a gun. The fight will be a close one, but Ben is not anyone, who would back out from a fight. He needs to get rid of them all or his town will be taken over and he can't afford to lose his town.

The game is both played via mouse and keyboard. The idea here is to take out the enemies as fast as they appear since there will be more and you will be surrounded with lots of them as time fly by. Upon surviving one level, you will get some money and you can use that to buy better weapons. The game will be harder as you progress, so you need better weapons. you can carry lots of gun and inter switch between them.

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