Ben 10 - At the Dentist

Ben might be one of the strongest super hero that you know, but he is still a boy, who likes eating sweets. After fighting some aliens, he would go on and buy some sweets for himself. That is what he does, most of the time. This is a bad habit, but he can't resist sweets. In time, the results can be seen. Now, he needs to go to the dentist to have it clean and make sure that he would have a pearly white teeth. Ben knows that he would need to have it service to the dentist as brushing it won't be effective.

The game is played via mouse and it is interactive. The idea here is to make sure that Ben could enjoy having his brand new teeth. You would need to do a lot of things for Ben's teeth, but don't worry if you haven't done it before since the game will guide you. Just follow the instruction and you won't go wrong.

Put some water on Ben's mouth. Take out the cavities and the rotten teeth. Brush it to make is as white as cloud. In time, you will need to replace the lost teeth with a fake one.

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