Ben 10: Take Down

Ben Tennyson has been fighting some evil aliens ever since he first found the Omnitrix in the middle of the forest. Since that day, the alien watch never leaves his arms, but it seems that the alien watch is not indestructible as everyone thought it is. It is broken right now and Ben called Asmutt for help. Asmutt has taken it to his base, where he would do some repair on the watch. For now, Ben would just need to defend on the blaster that is given by the Plumbers. Unfortunately, he can't just refuse to investigate in a hidden location as it is too fishy. He found out about the secret base and he learned that there is an alien activity there. Ben grabs a blaster and has gone to investigate the area.

The game is an action packed as you would need to jump and blast your way to enemy camp. Take out the guards as fast as you can. Dodge their projectiles and make sure that nothing can harm you. The game doesn't have a timer and it is a good thing, because you would need to figure out how you can get to another area to be able to advance to the next level.

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