Ben 10 Omniverse Fighting

Ben Tennyson has gone stronger as he is now a teenager. He is now capable of transforming into more aliens. That alone makes him formidable, but it seems that he won't allow that to prove him manhood. While he was chasing Khyber, the latter taunts him on defending too much on his alien transformation. Ben was so furious that he said that he can take on Khyber even without his alien transformation. Ben got a weapon and met-up with Khyber to settle a score with him. Many would think that this is pretty quite stupid, but Ben has grown up now and he wants to prove that he is a lot stronger, even without his alien watch.

This is a game challenge and you will be squaring off against one of the most ruthless hunters in the galaxy. You won't be facing any other enemies except than the alien hunter. This is a do or die match and the idea here is to beat Khyber as fast as you can. Besides, the longer it takes you to take him, the less chances you have of defeating him. You have your blaster, but if you think that you would just fire at your enemy at long range then think again since the character moves closer to Khyber and you can't control it.

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