Ben 10: Mafia Hunter

Ben is a good guy since he helps the needy even if he ain't getting nothing from it. Such work only belongs to a hero. However, such job has its advantage and disadvantage. Of course, one of the advantage of a hero is that is popular anywhere he go. The dis-advantage is also his popularity. When you are popular, many will tend to be envy of you, thus they don't like you.

That is what happened with out favorite hero. Since is too popular, other people tend to envy him. In Ben's case, the mafia is worried that he will be a problem for them, so they send some men to kill him. Ben won't go out without a fight, but he can't use the Omnitrix just yet since it is in the hands of Asmutt for repair.

This is a car action pack game, where you need to take down the enemy as fast as you can since there will be more. Not only, you need to worry about the enemies as you need to avoid the speeding cars. There are three type of vans that you need to destroy and their toughness depends upon their colors. Of all the three, the black van is the toughest.

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