Ben 10 Omniverse Rocket Attack

As you already know, some aliens are good and some of them are bad. Like us, it is not easy to distinguish the good from the bad because of the hidden agenda that we all have. It only means that right and the wrong isn't distinguished whether you work in the government or the other side of the law. Sometimes, the government is doing something wrong to its country, but that is rarely the case. However, in one part of the galaxy anew government was so corrupt that their people are suffering. This causes some citizen to take action against the government. Ben is helping the rebellion and his job is to deliver the rockets to the rebel.

The truck runs on its own, so that would make the game easier since you don't need to worry about driving no more. All you need to do is to protect the rockets from the aliens that want to destroy the truck. Unfortunately, there are no other weapons available for you to use other than the rockets. The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to deliver the rockets to the rebellion. The game only last for 60 seconds, so try to defend the truck from those henchmen.

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