Ben 10 Kick Ass

The aliens have won and things are different now that they have the omnitrix. However, Ben isn't going to wait for the Plumbers to get back the Omnitrix. He is willing to risk his life even if that would mean endangering his life by getting the omnitrix parts. He knows that the task at hand is harder than it is, since he can't transform into one of the many aliens he have in his alien watch. Now, more than ever, he knows that needs to be brave or the whole world is in a lot of trouble since the aliens would be using the power to conquer several planets.

he idea here is to collect all the Omnitrix parts before the time ends. This game has a time limit and going over that means that the game is over. There are no weapons in this game, so you need to avoid the enemies. If they got you then you will lose one life. If you think that is the main obstacle in the game then think again. Falling in the cliff means that the game is over. The game will be harder as you make some progress, but no game will be challenging if it is easy to play.

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