Ben 10: Helicopter Challenge

The world is not an unforgiving place and you would need to learn some other skills if you want to make a living in the real world. If you are not willing to learn then there come a time, that you will be out of the job and you don't know where to turn to. Ben knows that and he is not taking the risk. Right now, Ben is practicing to become a great helicopter pilot, so that he can be one when he is older. He knows that he won't be a crime fighting all his life and that he needs a skill to live a dream life. Ben is not the brightest boy in the class, but he is learning the art of lying a helicopter his whole heart. One day, his dream might come true, but today, just need to perfect the craft.

The idea here is to get to the other side while there is still time left. This game is time restricted and you can't go to the next level if you can't accomplish even that. If you thought that this would be an easy game then think again as there will be an obstacle. The obstacle is the sphere that will block your way. Don't worry though, as your copter won't crash that easily. However, your copter will be push back when you hit the sphere.

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