Ben 10: Race World

Ben is always busy saving the world and most of his friends are also busy whenever, he would ask them to play with him. Fortunately, he got a bike and ride whenever he feel bored. In time, he got so good at riding his bike.

That always happened, but one day, things change as he found a world where he could bike all day without his problem. Unfortunately, it was an alternate Universe where he never did found the Omnitrix. He was so happy with the new found world, he knew that he would leave it someday and return to the real world, but he want to enjoy the new world right now.

Drive your bike as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. In this game, you have the option of riding your bike forward or backward, you need to consider it several times since you can't bike forward again if you haven't finish the level. You would need to finish that level before you can enjoy riding your bike forward again. Once you reach a checkpoint then you will start there if you happen to crash in that level. The rule in this game is to avoid crashing.

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