Ben 10 Heroes Knockout

Ben is one of the most popular heroes nowadays. He has save countless live already. His name is as big as batman and any other superheroes that you can think of. Actually, all heroes are equal as they will do everything just to set things right. They don't care on what happened to them as long as good always prevail. That is what heroes do and they will stick to that till the end of times.

Ben and the other heroes met up and talk about how bored they are getting with what they do. They knew that this must not continue since they are the only ones that mankind can rely on when it comes to trouble. They can't turn their backs on their job as they are one of the few that can meet with adversities and come up as the winner at the end. After, a while, they finally decided to compete in a race wherein one of them will be knock out at every race. The one that will come the last will be knockout from the entire race. The race will continue as long as there are more than one racers in the game.

Choose which hero you want to be and drive your car as fast as possible. Grab the stars in the game for added points. Try not to land on your back because that will damage your car. If that happens then try to get back on the road as early as possible. The booster slowly regenerate, so try to use it only when you needed it the most.

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