Ben 10: Boxing Game

Ben Tennyson is really a fighter and he has proven this time and time again. He never backs out from a fight and this is the reason why; he is the perfect candidate for the alien watch. Some of you might thought that he is strong since he got the Omnitrix, but the truth is that he is already strong and in fact had beat down some bullies at the school even though he was smaller. When he grow up, he decided to take up some boxing and start a career out of it. He knows that this is not as exciting as fighting some evil aliens, but this will help him to pay some bills around the house.

Box till the opponent can't stand no more. It will be a long gruesome fight, but you need to know that there will be no future for the looser. You need to win every battle in the ring o the game will be over. After you win, you would notice that your stats is increasing and your character is also growing. Of course, the same thing happens to your new competition, so try your best to win every battle.

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