Ben 10: Saves the City

War is common in this world that most powerful country engage in war to gain more. They know that once they defeated their enemies then they would get more from it. At least, that is what they believe in and it seems that war gains more popularity these days. In fact, even aliens engages in war as they want to conquer another planet. And today, they pick on our planet, Earth to conquer because of its resources. Yes, we have the resources, but the problem is that we don't have the technology. The only thing that could rival an alien's technology is another alien technology. Fortunately, we got Ben on our side and he won't let those alien get this planet. He would fight for this planet.

The idea here is to defend the city. You need to blast your way through waves of enemies. Sure, the enemies will keep coming, but surrender is not an option here. You have a blaster and some grenades that you can use against the aliens. Sometimes, the enemies will drop some bombs after you kill them. You also need to kill the enemies in an area to move further. The boss are really big and they do pack a punch.

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