Ben 10: Shootout

There are so many aliens around the galaxy and most of them aren't even friendly. Fortunately, we got the Plumber and Ben Tennyson to rely on. If those evil aliens are trying to cause some trouble for the galaxy then the Plumbers will send Ben and his friends to stop them.

Ben is getting popular and the evil aliens know that they need to put a stop to Ben. They formed an alliance and has now called on Ben to engage them in a shootout. Ben knew that he can't just ignore it since there would be million of lives at stake here. Sadly, Ben can't use the Omnitrix right now as it is broken. The Plumbers gave Ben powerful blaster to defend himself.

The game is a shootout and the idea here is to take out the enemies as fast as you can. Blast them the moment that you see them coming. Sometimes, there will be an item that can help you transform into an alien and you can use it to transform either to Way Big, Diamond Head or Heatblast. Sadly, you can't choose, which alien you want to be. Pick up Ben's head and you gain another life.

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