Ben 10: Snow Truck

The snow has been falling from the sky all wee and the road is covered with snow by now. That is just common in some parts of the world, where snow is prevalent. For people, living in hot weather condition, that will be troublesome, but for the people, who has been living with that weather condition all their life, that is just a normal weather condition and nothing to be scared about. Ben came from one of these countries and is certainly not afraid of a little snow. In fact, Ben consider it as a blessing since he can enjoy his monster truck that the Plumbers made especially for him. Of course, he can only do that when there are no alien threats.

The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can, but for some reason that you can't do that then there is no problem. The game will let you proceed to the next level. Each level is different from the others. It is hard to say, which level is the hardest since all of the levels don't look the same and might be hard for someone. The key to getting your truck get to the finish line is by rocking it to get over a huge pile of snow.

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