Ben 10: Treasure Hunter

To those of you, who thinks that Ben is unlike any of us, that is where you are wrong. People like Ben might always be in search of some excitement in their lives, but that doesn't he would not like to be rich. When it comes to treasures, everyone is all at ears.

When Ben heard about the legendary treasure of Blackbeard, he immediately go to the site to retrieve the treasure. He knows that this won't be easy since it might be filled with booby traps, but danger is his middle name. He isn't scared of anything since he have been fighting some evil aliens ever since he was a boy.

Your character keeps on moving forward and you can't control it. You need to make sure that Ben won't fell-off the cliff. The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to save Ben from the dangers that comes his way. Aside from the cliffs, you need to avoid the huge rocks,raging volcano, ice floor, and fast-forward. During the first level, you will find it easy since there are not much of the obstacles, but as you make some progress then you will notice that your character runs faster and there will be more obstacles.

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