Ben 10 - Bakugan Fight

Ben Tennyson and Dan Bakugan are the best of friends, but that doesn't mean that they don't argue. And because both of them won't back-off, there are times that they got into fist fights. Though, that doesn't really solve the problem since violence is not the answer. At least, they are able to release their anger. The two are just match as both of them won't use their power on each other. They are still friends, but that won't stop them from fighting each other. Sometimes, their fights go from mere seconds and there are times when the two of them are still fighting after a few hours. That is how tough the competition between these two friends.

In this game, you are Ben and Dan would be your adversary. You need to knock him out cold to advance to the next level. The first few levels might be easy, but as you move up to the levels then you would notice something change. Sure, it is still the same Bakugan that you have beaten before, but this time, his punches are mostly connecting. On the other hand, your punches won't seem connect on old Dan, which only means that you need to up your gameplay if you want to win.

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