Ben 10: Dragon Blaze

Dragon were just myth and were created from our deepest imagination. At least, that was Ben first thought until he found out the truth about these mystical creatures. The truth is that they are aliens, who come here on Earth thousand of years ago. People from that era thought that they are mystical creatures and they have been known such for thousand of years.

Ben only found out about the truth when the Forever Knight wanted to destroy one. They say that he had killed lots of their comrade and they are determined to kill the beast. At first, Ben joined the hunt, but when he found out the truth about the dragons, he help the dragon to go back to his ship. Since then, Ben made a friend. Now, an invasion threatens the world and Ben can't do it alone, he seeks help from his old friend.

The idea of the game is to keep shooting till you destroy the enemies. The boss fight is an intense battle. Better save your combo for the boss fight because it is almost impossible to defeat the boss without it. You will be unlocking more powerful dragon as you progress in the game.

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