Ben 10: Fireman 2

Heatblast is one of Ben's favorite alien transformation and is certainly one of the best. However, there is a danger whenever he uses this alien since it always causes a fire outbreak. That usually happens whenever fools around, but an accident can be avoided if you exercise some safety precautions. Ben knows the danger and now he is more responsible.

When some alien bees swarm the Earth and made it into their nest. Ben needed an alien that can immediately destroy lots of them because there are so many. Heatblast is one of the aliens that can do that. Ben transform into Heatblast to engage the aliens.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot out the bees from all sort of direction. Some aliens are hidden unto blocks and Heatblast's blast can't reach them. In this case, you need to look around and use anything that is within the area. Heatblast blast bounce around several times before it can be gone. Try to use that to your advantage. You only have 12 shots in the game, so make them count. Your character can die if you made a mistake. The game gets harder and harder as you made it through some levels.

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