Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Rescue

On planet Earth, a space ship landed with five different alien beings. Each one possesses different alien powers. Ben Tennyson was summoned to make contacts with them and Ben learned that the aliens are escapees. They escape from Aggregor's spaceship as the latter intended to use them in some sort of diabolical plan. Soon, Plumbers provided them with the spaceship and a pilot to send them home to their planets. The five aliens were happy that they were going home, but they eventually found out that Aggregor was the pilot of the ship. Back on planet Earth, Ben learned that someone took down the pilot. He suspected that is was Aggregor, so he rushed to the spaceship to retrieve the five aliens.

The spaceship is filled with booby traps and drones that will either blast you or pound you good. You need to take them out before they can even react. Try to locate the aliens as you explore the ship. When you die, you will start at the beginning. There are no power-ups in the game as you need to be a good strategist on or you will be toast. The game gets harder as you move further in the ship.

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