Ben 10 Motorcross 2

It is a rare moment for Ben Tennyson as the galaxy seems to be peaceful today, so he grabs his motorbike and starts having fun with it. This is not a safe hobby at all as you might got an accident if you are not careful at all. Ben understand this and he knows the risk of having such sport. That is why; he rides his bike with all the safety precautions that he needs. The danger comes when you are too confident with what you are doing as you tend to don't care about the dangers that surrounds you. In this sport, that is the worst thing that you can do.

Ride your bike as fast as you can till you are at the finish line. However, that doesn't mean that you should not take some safety precautions with you. The path ahead is perilous as the mountain can be a tricky place for a motorbike rider. One simple mistake and you will surely be in the hospital or worse as you might die and end up in the cemetery. Grab those omnitrix symbol as you go along the way for added points to your score. The game gets harder as you progress.

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