Ben 10: Dead Water

It is another one of those lazy days, where you don't like to do anything and just rest at the comfort of your bed. But, Ben won't be sleeping today as this one of the few days, when he can play and do something else. Well, he has been so busy fighting some evil aliens and he don't intend to waste a time like this. He found an area, wherein he could practice with his roller board. The area has dead water in it, but the smell don't bother Ben as this is a great place for him to practice with his new found sport - the roller board.

If you are wondering, what evil aliens would you be facing today, don't worry as this game is not about aliens. The idea here is to keep progressing with your roller board. You'll see a lot of ramps in this game and you may or may want to use it. it really doesn't matter as the game's intention is a clear fun. However, the danger is still there as you might crash trying to do some stunts. Also, those dead water is an obstacle for you as you will be force to jump to avoid them.

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