Ben 10: Adventure

Big Chill is one of Ben's alien transformations and is among the most powerful. Aside from that, Big Chill can also transform into Ultimate Big Chill for a few minutes. The time is halve whenever Ben uses the ultimate form. However, like human beings, there are also some bad aliens and these guys are also powerful. In fact, one of them can transform into its ultimate form. When Ultimate Big Chill kidnaps Gwen, Ben knows that he needs to deal with this alien even though the alien is very powerful. No one knew what is Ultimate Big Chill is up to, but Ben wouldn't back out from a fight.

The game will remind you of Mario since the whole world is like in Super Mario. The idea is like that as you need to break bricks, crush enemies with your feet. Grab all the coins that you can collect as you will need that to proceed to the next level. There are times that you need to step into the pipe and go down to be able to reach the coins that are way up in the air. As you go down to the pipe, you will see yourself at the top of the pipe floating on air.

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