Ben 10: New Mission

Ben has been fighting aliens ever since he was 10 years old. That was the time that he got the alien watch - Omnitrix. Back then, he don't even know how to use it and he didn't know about the Plumbers. However, his life change ever since the Omnitrix came to him. With his new found power, he was able to transform into an alien and fight the evil guys with his alien powers. Now, he is a teenager, the evil aliens won't leave him even if he didn't have the Omnitrix anymore. The secret society, Plumbers give him a blaster to defend himself with. As he was going from one planet to another, he encounter an unusual planet where there are lots of monsters. These guys were hostile and can't understand reasons. Ben has no choice, but to fight them.

Explore the new world and blast your enemies till they have no more life points. Be careful not to approach them to close as these guys are tough. You can't beat them with just one shot as you will need to take several shots till you take them down. Ues your brain and try to limit the damage that you will get.

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