Ben 10: Long Bow

Every year, an archery contest is held near Ben's place and the price is a super Slammo. Ben like Super Slammo very much and would want to add the price card to to his collection. If ever he gets it then Ben would be near to complete the set. The price is a rare super slammo card and Ben can't just get it easily even if always purchase some cards. It is not available online or anyone else and the only way he could get that card is by winning in the upcoming archery contest. Ben needs that card badly, so he trains hard for it. Grandpa Max lends his old long bow to Ben and Gwen gives him a lot of balloons that he can use as target practice.

The game is played via keyboard and the idea here is to shoot down those balloons with your long bow. The game is non-stop, which means that it will just keep on going as long as you want to play it. It has no power-ups that will help to get better at aiming. Your arrow and the balloons is affected by the direction and speed of the wind, so try considering that for better game play. You can see the power of the wind changing from time to time.

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