Ben 10: Power Shot

Vilgax has returned and it looks like that he won't stop till the world is destroyed. he don't want to rule the world as the destruction of planet earth is what he wants. He knows that this will anger Ben, but that is what Vilgax wants as Ben has foil his plans several times before. Now, he is back and more than determined than ever. He will stop at nothing till the whole world is destroyed. For him, it would be better if Ben got destroyed along with his precious planet. But, Ben is not going to let that happen and will fight to the very end till he defeats Vilgax or the world is gone.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot down the vilgaxes falling down from the sky. You need to shoot them down till the last power or till your time ends. Anyway, you can replenish your power by shooting the numbered omnitrix. That will add more power shots to your ammo. You need to shoot as many Vilgax as you can till you have time left. You will proceed to the next level, once the timer stops. The score that you get won't be a hindrance to go to the next level as you just need to wait till the time is over.

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