Ben 10 Vs Predator

Ben has been battling the evil aliens ever since he was 10. He thought that he knew all of the aliens now that he is a teenager, but he was surprised to learn that an alien race was all bounty hunters. This race exploits other aliens for money and drugs. This race was known as predator and they got their eye on planet Earth. They want to take over the planet, so they could propagate their drugs on the humans. The only way to culture their drug was on other beings, so they always capture other races and use it as a vessel for their drugs.

Your mission is to stop the predators from invading earth. You need to use all of your might to defeat them. Use some magic spell, a blaster, and your knife to fight your way through hordes of predators. You need to defeat certain number of predators to proceed to the next level. Each level got its own set of predators that you must defeat. There are no time limit in this game. You need to act fast and finish these aliens or they will overwhelmed you. When that happens, you are in real danger.

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