Ben 10: Zombie Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and legends has it that there are things that goes out bumping the night whenever Halloween is near. This year, zombies emerges from out of nowhere and plans on eating the town where Ben lives. Upon learning of the situation, Ben armed himself and goes out on a killing spree to stop the zombies from entering the town. He would not let his townsfolk to become zombies themselves. Ben might not have the powerful alien device right now as Asmutt is making some modifications, but is still a hero and heroes never quits or back out.

The game is continuous as you need to keep on playing till you have no life left. There are no levels in this game, so keep firing those guns as long as you have ammo and life left. You can get ammunition from the sky. Wait for the box to land and reveal what is inside them. There are different guns that you can use. You can inter switch the guns that you use. The idea here is to defend the town from the zombies. Make sure that no zombies will escape you or there will be more zombies since some of the townsfolk will turn into zombies and attack you.

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